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ESP is the brainchild of Jamie Howells.  Hailing from South Wales, Jamie has spent the past 15 years building a collection of old synths and analog equipment, perfecting his skills in music making and playing in local bands such as funk rock outfits Lunar Tool and the Coloursound Experiment.  Also releasing material with his collaborative project 'The Shepherd' on Bristol based label Hairy Parents.  

ESP sees Jamie going in a new direction, combining his love of electronic music which includes the Orb, Boards of Canada, DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin etc. with sci-fi and horror soundtracks from artists like John Carpenter,  Tangerine Dream, and Vangelis.  The result of which is an epic, atmospheric, soundscape, rich in melodies and mood evoking timbres and textures, which will work their way into your subconscious and eventually into your soul!

Making of


ESP brings to you the four track E.P. "Broad Haven" free to download.  

The album "Blue Book" is written around the concept of the UFO phenomenon, containing themes such as the WOW signal and the Welsh Triangle (the alleged UFO sightings from West Wales in the 1970s)

All ESP recordings were done at Jamie's home studio in South Wales between 2015 and 2016 -

"I wanted to capture that sound you only hear on old film scores like The Terminator or The Thing, and only authentic analog gear can give you that quality; rich, warm, but with a layer of dust over it!  There's something about the original hardware that you just can't recreate with computers.  This has been a labour of love for the past 18 months, what started as a bit of fun to pass the time soon became an obsession!" - Jamie Howells ESP

Equipment used

  • Korg MS20
  • Sequential Six-trak
  • Crumar Roady electric piano
  • Siel Orchestra
  • Siel Mono
  • CRB Electronica organ
  • Alesis Micron
  • Casio SK1
  • Casio VL1
  • Roland SH3A
  • Behringer Time Machine
  • Marshall Reflector reverb
  • Behringer Vintage Phaser
  • Marshall Regenerator (chorus, flanger, phaser)
  • Danelectro PB&J delay
  • Korg Volca Beats
  • Ibanez SR305 5 string bass
  • Orange Crush PiX CR50BXT combo amp


  • Boss BR-8 8 Track recorder
  • Roland SP808 Groove Sampler
  • Roberts 1725 reel-to-reel
  • Cubase LE on Mac (for mixing)


  • The Shepherd and the Porn Wolf, by The Shepherd

    The Shepherd Whilst wandering lonely on a hill side in Wales tending to his beloved flock, THE SHEPHERD, inspired by a whole range of influences including funk, hip-hop, weird synthesizers, TV-Themes, and farm-based consumables, decided to return to the farmhouse, get out his sampler, drum machine and synthesisers, and create a sumptuous musical menu with his own hearty produce.

  • Music | Majesta

    Majesta Majesta has been producing Hip-Hop since 1988, Having been a core member of UK underground group - 'Undivided Attention' and Indi label 'Hairy Parents'